On the hillside above Colman Farm, which is situated on the Kidwelly to St. Ishmael road, stands an ancient pigeon-house, or in Welsh, Clomendy. Built of stone, it is circular in shape being 9 feet in diameter and 19 feet high. Entrance is gained through a low lintel door and the wall interior has eleven rows of square nesting places totalling 236 in all. Entrance and exit for the birds was via a covered opening in the apex of it's domed roof.

The historian George Eyre Evans visited and recorded, after careful inspection, the following letters and dates on the inside walls:

W.D. 1721
D.W. 1727
W.G. 1772
I.B. 1784
I.W. 1806

Another date above the inside of the doorway, he presumed to read:

157 [1]

Mr. Evans was at the time accompanied by Mr. Thomas Thomas the owner of Colman Farm and Mr. Thomas' son. He commented that Farmer Thomas placed a high value on his possession and that it could be entrusted to his safe-keeping. Mr Thomas' grandson John continues the vigil to this day.

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