The Story of Gwenllian

Giraldus Cambrensis, Itinerary, I ix (Hoare's translation)

IN this district,1 after the death of King Henry, whilst Gruffydd, son of Rhys, the Prince of South Wales, was engaged in soliciting assistance from North Wales, his wife Gwenllian2 (like the Queen of the Amazons and a second Penthesilea) led an army into these parts; but she was defeated by Maurice de Londres,3 lord of that country, and Geoffrey, the bishop's constable. Morgan, one of her sons, whom she had arrogantly brought with her in that expedition, was slain, and the other, Malgo,4 taken prisoner; and she, with many of her followers, was put to death.5


1. Kidwelly.
2. Gwenllian, wife of Gruffydd ap Rhys, was daughter of Gruffydd ap Cynan and sister of Owain Gwynedd.
3. Lord of Kidwelly and the surrounding district and of Ogmore in Glamorgan.
4. Maelgwn. Gwenllian had four sons, Maredudd, Rhys, Morgan, and Maelgwn. Rhys lived long and is well known as    the Lord Rhys.
5. The site of this battle is shown in a field belonging to a farm which bears the name Maes Gwenllian to this day.

Extracted from “A Source-Book of Welsh History”, p.67-68 by Mary Salmon, M.A., Oxford Univ. Press 1927.

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