(Causey St.)

1755: Church in Wales Records NLW SD/QA/61.
David Williams Vicar.
I do reside upon my Cure at a distance of a quarter of a. mile from the church.
cf. Chief Rent Roll 1753.

1787: Presentment to Edward Smallwell Bishop of St. Davids.
Sum of nine pounds a year paid to Vicar being rent of a cottage known as the Old Vicarage and situate in Causey St. No better than a stable, however such as it is, is kept in sufficient repair and sorry we are there is no proper vicarage house for the minister to live in. It is in the same state now as heretofore, nothing pulled down or defaced.
Trans. Carms. Antiq. Soc.Vo1. 13 p.32.

1779: Chief Rent Roll.
Returning to Causey St.
The heirs of Dr. Pardo, adjoining the Vicarage for a house where John Stephens lives.
Col. Owens holds 5 burgages .........
N.B. No reference to vicarage in 1753 but vicar David Williams is living on West side of Summer Way in a house held by Mgt Morris spinster. p.136.

1799: Church in Wales Records. NLW Queries and answers to Clergy SD/QA 62.
David Williams Vicar.
Where do you reside?
There is a small thatched house but unfit for any incumbent to live in.
I live at private lodgings.

1804: Ref. ibid. 63.
Being incumbent I do not reside in the House belonging to it as it is but small, consisting of but one room.
My Church is close to the house where I board.
Our vicar resides close by the churchyard wall.

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