Pigot & Co.'s Directory, 1844

Kidwelly is an ancient corporate and market town, in the hundred of its name, parish of St. Mary, and County of Carmarthen; 225 miles w. from London; 19 n.w. from Swansea, 9 s. from Carmarthen; and 8 n.w. from Llanelly. This town, formerly of considerably more importance in point of trade than at present, is situated on the river Gwyndrathfach, about half a mile from its junction with the sea, in Carmarthen Bay, and about four miles from the port of Pembrey, where are extensive coal works. The coal from these works is said to be the best for smiths' purposes in the kingdom, and particularly adapted for making iron; and is exported to Ireland, Devonshire, Cornwall, &c. The quay is convenient and the harbour safe, and vessels of considerable burden can come close up to the wharf. Copper and lead ores are found in the neighbourhood, and in the vicinity of the town are tin and iron works.
The town consists principally of one spacious street; containing some good houses; and its general appearance is clean and neat. It is under the jurisdiction of the Dutchy of Lancaster, and is governed my a Mayor, twelve other aldermen, and the like number of principal burgesses, assisted by a town-clerk and inferior officers. Quarter sessions are held here for the trial of misdemeanours; a court, wherein debts may, be sued for under £200 once a fortnight; and a steward's court, for recovery of claims under 40s within the same period.
Numerous visitors are attracted during the Summer season, to the beautiful ruins of Kidwelly Castle a fortress that appears to have been of great strength; it is the property of Earl Cawdor.
The parish church of St. Mary is handsome structure; the living is a vicarage in the gift of the Crown. There are places of worship for Baptists Wesleyan Methodists and Presbyterians. The market, which is a well supplied one, is held on Friday; and an annual fair on the 29th of October. The parish contained, in 1841, 1,563.

Post Office, Ann Davids, Post Mistress. Letters from London and various parts arrive (from Carmarthen) every morning at eight, and are despatched every afternoon at four. Letters from Llanelly, &c. arrive every afternoon at four, and are despatched every morning at eight.

Gentry and Clergy
Andrews, Mr. William, Arlais
Armstrong, Captain -, Penket hill
Birks, Mr. John (surgeon), Lady St.
Davies, Mr. William, Penallt
Downman, Henry R., Kidwelly
Evans, Mr. Lewis, Water St.
Griffiths, Rev. Thomas (vicar), Water St.
Humphrey, Rev. David, Glanmorlais
Jones, Rev. David, Water St.
MacDougal, Mr. F. T., Trimsaran
Maliphant, Richard, Esq., Lady St.
Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth, Pen y Bedd
Rees, Edward, Esq., Glen Morva
Roberts, Mrs. Ann, Lady St.
Roberts, John, Esq., Broadley
Stephens, Evan, Esq., Burton
Stephens, Mr. George, Monksford St.
Williams, Mr. David, Arlais

Academies & Schools
Evans, John, Causeway St.
Fenteman, William, Penket Hill
James, John, Causeway St.
National School, Thos. Griffiths, master

Griffiths, William (and nail maker), Monksford St.
Hugh, William, Water St.
Hugh, William, Llanelly Road
Nash, Isaac Bartlett
Wilde, Joseph, Morris Cross
Williams, John, Bridge St.

Boot and Shoe Makers
Evans, John, Water St.
Johns, David, Lady St.
Morris, William, Water St.
Prickett, James, Bower St.
Williams, Evan, Water St.
Williams, John, Lady St.

Carpenters and Joiners
Evans, John, Bridge St.
Gower, John, Bridge St.
Gravell, Evan, Water St.
Harry, David, Water St.
Morgan, Richard, Lady St.
Randall, James, (glazier), Lady St.
Williams, Anthony, Lady St.

Grocers, Drapers and Dealers in Sundries
Chapple, Henry, Bridge St.
Cole, Elizabeth, Penket Hill
Gower, John, Lady St.
Gravell, David, Lady St.
Hughes, Edward William, Bridge St.
Jenkins, John (and currier), Water St.
Shankland, John, Bridge St.
Thomas, Jane, Bridge St.
Williams, Walter, Bridge St.

Inns and Public Houses
Bell, Ann Mansell, Bridge St.
Britannia, Richd. Griffiths, Bridge St.
Cobourg, Mary Morris, Bridge St.
Dolphin, Philip Pugh, Lady St.
Hope & Anchor, Mary Randall, Bridge St.
Lord Nelson, Ann Gravell, Lady St.
Mason's Arms, Thomas Thomas
New Inn, Sarah Williams, Bridge St.
New Inn, Margt. Thomas, Lady St.
Pelican Inn (& excise office), Edmund Blathwayt, Bridge St.
Plough and Harrow, John Phillips, Lady St.
Red Cow, John Stevens, Water St.
Ship & Castle, John Evans, Bridge St.
Three Crowns, Jno. Charles, Bridge St.

Edwards, Evan, Gelly
Humphrey, Thomas, Dan-y-lan
Mansell, Ann, Bridge St.
Thomas, Thomas, Westhill Cottage

Stone Masons
Chapple, Henry, Bridge St.
Maliphant, Charles, Water St.
Maliphant, John, Water St.
Maliphant, William, Pen y morva
Reynold, David, Castle Bailey St.
Reynold, John, Water St.

Birks, John, Lady St.

Ball, Samuel, Bridge St.
Blathwayt, Edmund, Bridge St.

Griffiths, William, Causeway St.
Hughes, Thomas, Lady St.
Hughes, Thomas, jun., Water St.
Lloyd, Thomas, Water St.
Loyd, William, New Rd.

Tin-Plate Manufacturers
Downman, Henry R.. Kidwelly Tin Works

Bowen, Thomas, superintendent to the Kidwelly
and Llanelly Canal and Tram Road Company, Aqueduct Cottage
Bowen, William, saddler, Bridge St.
Bunyan, R. J., iron master, Trimsaran Works
Collins, James, wheelwright
Davies, Evan, watch maker, Causeway St.
Gower, William, butcher, Monksford St.
Jones, Thomas, excise officer, Lady St.
Jones Wm., guide to the castle, Park y box
Kidwelly and Llanelly Canal and Tram Road Co., Thomas Bowen,
Clerk and superintendent, Aqueduct Cottage
Morgan, Richard, wheelwright, Lady St.
Thomas, David, flannel manufacturer, Castle Bailey St.

To Carmarthen, the Picton, from Swansea, calls at the Pelican every forenoon
(Sunday excepted), at eleven
To Swansea, the Picton (from Carmarthen), calls at the Pelican Inn, every afternoon
(Sunday excepted), at four

To Carmarthen, Sarah Norris, every Wednesday and Saturday

Conveyance by Water
To Bristol, the Union, Captain Jones, every fortnight

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