Hunt & Co.'s Directory, 1849

... castle, which are in a high state of preservation, furnishing a pleasing object to both artist and antiquary, and cannot fail to attract the attention of the tourist. There are no manufactures here, but one mile from the town are tin works, propelled by water power, and capable of producing 300 boxes of tin per week. In the neighbourhood copper and lead ores are found, and at Pembrey, 4 miles distant, are extensive coal works. Kidwelly is within the jurisdiction of the duchy of Lancaster, and was incorporated in the reign of Henry VI. The government is vested in a recorder, 2 magistrates - one of whom is the mayor - 12 aldermen, and 12 common councilmen. Sessions of the peace (apart from the county), are held quarterly, and the mayor holds a court every fortnight in which actions of debt may be tried for any amount under £200.

The church is a handsome edifice, and there are chapels for Independents, Baptists, Wesleyans, and Calvinists. Friday is the market day, and fairs for cattle, &c. are held on August 1st and October 29th. In 1841 the parish contained 1513 inhabitants. The South Wales railway, now progressing but slowly, will eventually come close to the town.

Post-Office - Post Mistress, Julia Shankland. - Letters are delivered at 11.20 a.m. and 4.30 p.m. Despatched to London and all parts, except Llanelly and Glamorganshire, at 7 a.m.
Llanelly and Glamorganshire at 4 p.m.

Gentry, Clergy, &c.
Andrews, William, Arlais
Armstrong, Capt. Robt., Kidwelly
Armstrong, Francis Claud, Kidwelly
Davies, William, Penallt
Griffiths, Rev. Thomas (vicar), Kidwelly
Humphreys, Rev. David, Kidwelly
Jones, Rev. David, Kidwelly
Maliphant, Henry, Kidwelly
Maliphant, Richard, Kidwelly
Rees, Edward, Glen Morva
Roberts, Mrs. Ann, Kidwelly
Roberts, John, Broadley
Stephens, Evan, Burton
Stone, Robert, Trimsaran
Stephens, George, Kidwelly
Thomas, Miss Elizabeth, Kidwelly

Beer Retailers
Arnold, John
Charles, Evan
Davies, David
Gravell, Ann
Maliphant, William
Mansell, Ann
Morgan, John
Thomas, Margaret
Thomas, Sarah

Griffiths, William (& nail maker)
Hugh, William
Phillips, William
Wilde, William

Boot and Shoemakers
Evans, John
Evans, John
John, David
Morris, William
Williams, John

Gower, Thomas
Gower, William
Hughes, David
Williams, David

Carpenters & Joiners
Cole, George Stephen
Collins, James (& wheelwright)
Morgan, David (& wheelwright)
Randell, James (& glazier)
Thomas, Richard

Chemist and Druggist
Istance, John (& stationer &, seedsman)

Grocers & Dealers in Sundries
Marked thus * are also Drapers
Gower, John
Griffiths, David
Hughes, Mary
Jenkins, John
*Shankland, Mary
*Thomas, Jane, Bridge street
Thomas, William
Thomas, William
Williams, Mary

Inns and public Houses
Castle, Thomas John
Cobourg, Morris Mary
Hope & Anchor, Randell Mary
Pelican Inn, (commercial), Blathwayt, Edmund

Humphreys, Thomas, Dan-y-lan
Thomas, Thomas (& land agent)

Griffiths, William
Thomas, Henry

Beynon, Ann
Evans, John
National, master, Richards, Wm.

Stone Masons
David, John
Maliphant, Charles
Maliphant, David
Maliphant, William
Reynold, John

Birks, John
Williams, David, Arlais

Blathwayt, Edmund
Bowen, Thomas (& mineral), Aqueduct cottage
Thomas, John (& land agent)

Griffiths, David
Hughes, Thomas
Hughes, Thomas, jun.
Lloyd, Thomas
Lloyd, William
Treharne, David

Tea Dealers-Travelling
Bryden, Robert
Corrie, Robert

Tin-plate Manufacturer
Downman, Henry Herbert, Kidwelly Tin Works

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