KIDWELLY is an ancient corporate and market town, in the hundred of its name, parish of SAINT MARY, and county of Carmarthen; 225 miles W. from London, 19 N.W. from Swansea, 9 S. from Carmarthen and 8 N.W. from Llanelly. This town, formerly of considerably more importance in point of trade than at present, is situated on the river Gwyndrathfach, about half a mile from its junction with the sea, in Carmarthen bay, and about four miles from the port of Pembrey, where are extensive coal works. The coal from these works is said to be the best for smiths' purposes in the kingdom, and particularly adapted for making iron; and is exported to Ireland, Devonshire, Cornwall, &c. The quay is convenient and the harbour safe, and vessels of considerable burthen can come close up to the wharf. Copper and lead ores are found in the neighbourhood. The Kidwelly canal and the South Wales railway pass contiguous to the town, and furnish every facility for transmitting the produce of the district to various parts. The town consists principally of one spacious street, containing some good houses; and its general appearance is clean and neat. It is under the jurisdiction of the Duchy of Lancaster, and is governed by a recorder, two magistrates (one of whom is mayor), twelve other aldermen, and the like number of principal burgesses, assisted by a town clerk and inferior officers. The corporation has recently gone to considerable expense by supplying the town with water, from a spring in the neighbourhood, which needs no reservoir, the force being so great: public conduits has been erected so that the inhabitants can take water free of charge. Kidwelly is included is the Llanelly circuit of towns under the County Court Act, for the recovery of debts to any amount not exceeding £50 and sessions are held here quarterly independent of those for the county. Numerous visitors are attracted during the summer season, to the beautiful ruins of Kidwelly Castle, a fortress that appears to have been of great strength; it is the property of Earl Cawdor.

The parish church of Saint Mary is a handsome structure; the living, a vicarage, is in the gift of the Crown. There are chapels for Baptists, Presbyterians, English and Welsh Methodists, and British and National schools also are in the town. The markets which are well supplied, are held on Wednesdays and Fridays. Fairs: August 3rd, October 29th, and first Monday in December. The parish contained in 1841, 1,563; in 1851, 1,648; and in 1861, 1,798 inhabitants.

FERRY SIDE is a village in the parish of SAINT ISHMAEL 13 miles from Llanelly. 4 from Kidwelly and 71/2 from Carmarthen, on the south-eastern bank of the river Towy, which separates it from the village of Llanstephan. It has recently risen into notice as a watering place, and during the season many are attracted to this well adapted place for sea bathing. The church is dedicated to Saint Ishmael; the living is a perpetual curacy in the Archdeaconry of Carmarthen, and Diocese of Saint Davids. There is also a chapel of Ease called Saint Thomas; the other places of worship are for Baptists, and two for Welsh Methodists. There is a National school, and a Station on the South Wales Line of railway, quite close to the village. Population of the parish of Saint Ishmael in 1851, was 968; and in 1861, 1,211 inhabitants.

Gentry and Clergy
Andrews, Mrs. Mary, Upper Arlish
Andrews, Mr. William, Lady st.
Armstrong, Francis Claud, Esq. Kidwelly
Beynon, Mrs. Ann, Pengedhill
Blathwayt, Edmund, Esq., Kidwelly
Brown, Mr. Walter J., Kidwelly
Combie, Mr. Hugh, Kidwelly
Cross, Captain John W. A., Iscoed
Davies, Mr. John, Lady st.
Evans, Mrs. Catherine, Rumsey House, Kidwelly
Evans, Thomas, Esq., Bridge st.
Griffiths, Rev. Thomas, Bridge st.
Higham Rev., Kidwelly
Hurst, Mrs. Ann, Causeway st.
Jones, Rev. David, New st.
Jones, Rev. Owen, Vicarage, Ferry Side
Maliphant, Richard, Esq., Lady st.
Morris, Mrs. Elizabeth, Lady st.
Nutting, Mr. Henry, Mount pleasant, Kidwelly
Reynolds, Rev. George, Kidwelly
Reynolds Rev. John, Kidwellv
Roberts, John George, Esq., Kidwelly
Roderick, Rev., Kidwelly
Stephens, Evan, Esq., Burton
Stokes, the Misses, Kidwelly
Tytherleigh, Mr.John, Arlish House
Vaughan, the Misses, Abbey House
Weekes, Mr. Charles, Pengedhill
Williams, Hugh, Esq., Marine Cliff, Ferry Side
Wright, Thomas, Esq., Causey st.

Academies and Schools
British and Foreign School, Kidwelly - David Nicholas, master
Evans, John, Bridge st.
Jones, Thomas, Ferry Side
National School, Lady st.
Parochial School, Ferry Side - Thomas Newbery, master
Tench the Misses, Kidwelly

Anthony, John for the Gwendraeth Colliery), Castle terrace
Blathwayt, Edmund, (land, & valuer), Kidwelly
Thomas, Lucius, (estate), Westhill, Kidwelly

Griffiths, William, Kidwelly
Harris, John, Lan Saint
Hughes, David, Kidwelly
Hughes, William, Kidwelly
Williams, John, Ferry Side
Williams, David. Kidwelly

Boot and Shoe Makers
Evans, John, Kidwelly
Johns, David, Lady st.
Phillips, Jonathan, Ferry Side
Phillips, William, Ferry Side
Rowlands, John, Kidwelly
Thomas, Evan, Lan Saint
Thomas, John, Lan Saint
Wilkins, John, Kidwelly

Edwards, Samuel, Ferry Side
Gower, Thomas, Kidwelly
Gower, William, Kidwelly
Hughes, David, Bridge st.

Carpenters and Joiners
Marked thus * are also Builders
Gower, David, Lan Saint
Gower, Thomas, Lan Saint
Jenkins, John, Ferry Side
John, William & Robert (& cabinet makers), Kidwelly
Morgan, Richard & George (and wheelwrights), Lady st.
*Randall, Francis, Pengedhill
*Randall, James, Pengedhill
*Thomas, John, Kidwelly
*Thomas, Richard, Causey st.
Thomas, Thomas, Pengedhill
Waters, William, Causey st.

Coal Merchants
Anthony, David, Kidwelly
Protheroe, William, Kidwelly

Anthony, Daniel, Penlanissa
Anthony, David, Penlanucha
Anthony, Henry, Gardde
Anthony, John, Penlancornel
Anthony, Thomas, Mudlescwm
Bowen, William, Llechdunny
Edwards, Benjamin, Llangadock
Edwards, Daniel, Pantglas
Edwards William, Penallt
Francis, John, Rogerly
Gravell, John, Goitreucha
Gravell, Thomas, Goitreissa
Griffiths, John, Westhill
King, David, Shintor
Morgan Thomas, Garreg
Pugh Jane, Pendre
Rees, David, Bont
Wild, John, Coachouse
Williams, David, Morvabach
Williams, David, Maesgwenllian
Williams, Ezekiel, Gletwvn
Williams, John, Penyback
Williams, William, Lady st.

Davies, Benjamin
Davies, David
Davies, William
Edwards, Mrs
Edwards, Edward
Edwards, John I
Evans, Morris
Evans, William
Gower, John
Hughes, John
James -
James, John
Jones, Edward & Benjamin
Jones, John
Jones, John
Protheroe, John
Rees, Daniel
Stephens, Evan
Thomas, Catherine
Thomas, Samuel
Wild, Samuel
Wilkins, David
Wilkins, Evan
Williams, David
Williams, Thomas

Fire, &c., Office Agents
Lancashire - Francis C Armstrong, Penged hill
Provincial - Joshua Jeremy, Bridge street
Royal - Joses Selby Waters, Bridge st.
Sovereign (life), Lucius Thomas, Kidwelly

Grocers, Drapers & Dealers in Sundries
Anthony, Margaret, Ferry Side
Arnold, Elizabeth, Lady st.
Bowen, William, Lan Saint
Charles, Ann, Ferry side
Griffths Brothers, Bridge st.
Hughes, Mary, Bridge st.
Jenkins, John, New st.
Jenkins, Mary, Kidwelly
Phillips, William, Ferry Side
Rees, John, Lan Saint
Rees, Thomas, Ferry Side
Reynolds, George, Bridge st.
Reynolds, John, Bridge st.
Shankland, Margaret (and ironmonger), Bridge st.
Thomas, Elizabeth, Lady st.
Thomas, Jane, Bridge st.
Voyle, William, Ferry Side
Waters, Joses Selby (and dealer in British wines), Bridge st.
Wennacot, William, Ferry Side

Inns and Public Houses
Castle, Henry Chappell, Bridge st.
Cawdor Arms, David Hughes, Bridge st.
Charles, Richard, Penybank
Elephant & Castle, Joshua Jeremy, Bridge st.
Green Alley, Eliza Eynon, Kidwelly
Greyhound, Thos. Thomas, Lady st.
Joiners Arms, Thomas Gower, Lan Saint
King's Arms, Evan Charles, Bridge st.
King's Arms, David Gower, Lan Saint
Lamb and Flag, Harriet Morris, Kidwelly
Mariners, John Job, Ferry Side
Masons' Arms, David Stephens, Kidwelly
Nelson, Thomas Herbert, Lady st.
New Inn, Henry Jones, Bridge st.
Pelican, Ann Thomas, Bridge st.
Pelican, Lydia Thomas. Ferry Side
Plough, Margaret Morris, Lady st.
Prince of Wales, William James, Kidwelly
Railway, David Jenkins, Kidwelly
Railway, George Lloyd, Ferry Side
Waters, Joses Selby, Bridge st.
White Lion, Wm. Walters, Pengedhill
White Lion, Eliz. Hart, Ferry Side

Lodging Houses
Barrett, Mary, Rose Cottage, Kidwelly
Davies Emma, Ferry Side
Edwards, Ann, Ferry Side
Edwards, John, Ferry Side
Evans, - , Marine Cottage, Ferry Side
Gravell, Catherine, Bridge st.
Isaac, Jane, Ferry Side
Jones, Ann, Ferry Side
Mathias, William, Ferry Side
Phillips, Jonathan, Ferry Side
Rees, David, Ferry Side
Voyle, William, Ferry Side
Williams, Mary, Lady st.

Evans, Evan, Kdwelly
Williams, Thomas, Kidwelly

Milliners and Dress Makers
Evans Mary, Bridge st.
Hughes, Elizabeth, Bridge st.
Jones, Mary Ann, New st.
Lewis, Mary, Kidwelly

Stone Masons
Chapple, Henry, Bridge st.
Davies, George, Lady st.
Davies, William, Lady st.
Davies, William G., Lady st.
Edwards John, Ferry Side
Mathias, William, Ferry Side
Reynolds, David, Kidwelly
Reynolds, John, Bridge st.
Thomas, David, Kidwelly

Humphreys, William Evan, Kidwelly
Roberts, John G., M.D., Bridge st.
Williams, Peter, Kidwelly

Bowen, Thomas, Aqueduct Cottage
Morris, Richard, Kidwelly
Penson, R., Vorke, Ferry Side

Bunyan, Lewis, Kidwelly
Daniel, William, Rhydodin
George, Thomas, Mountain
Hughes, John & Son, Pengedhill
Lloyd, Thomas, Water st.
Willams, Wm. (& draper), Ladt st.

Bright, John, engineer, at Pengedhill
Chivers, Jacob & Son, tin-plate manufacturers, Kidwelly
Davies, Evan, watch maker and town crier, Kidwelly
Dyke, George, plasterer, Ferry Side
Evans, Eliza, fishmonger, Kidwelly
Evans, William, retailer of beer, Lady st.
Fredericks & Jenner, brick makers, Kidwelly
Hughes, Elizabeth, baker, Kidwelly
Jenkins, David and Daniel, spade and shovel makers, Kidwelly
Jenkins, John, currier, New st.
Jones, Peter, police constable, Pengedhill
Nicholas Jno., tin-plate worker, Kidwelly
Rogers, Francis, cooper, Kidwelly
Thomas, Lucius, auctioneer & valuer, Kidwelly
Thomas, Richard, colleotor of taxes, Pengedhill
Thomas, William, pilot, Pengedhill
Waters, Joses Selby, chemist and seedsman, Bridge st.
Williams, Evan, corn factor, Kidwelly

Places of Worship and their Ministers
St. Mary's Church, Lady street - Rev. Thomas Grifths, vicar
St. Ishmael's Church Ferry Side - Rev. Owen Jones, perpetual curate
St. Thomas' Church, Ferry Side - Rev. Owen Jones, curate
Baptist Chapel, New street and Ferry Side - Rev. John Reynolds
Presbyterian Chapel, Mount pleasant - Rev. David Jones
Methodist (Welsh) Chapel, Kidwelly - Rev. Roderick
Methodist (Wesleyan) Chapel - Rev. Higham

Petty Sessions Court, held at the Town Hall, once a fortnight
Wm. Thomas, clerk to the magistrates
Quarter Sessions Court, Town Hall
Mr. Justice Williams, recorder
Town Hall, Lady st.
George Spurell, town clerk

Conveyance by Railway
On The South Wales Line
Station, half a mile from Kidwelly
Charles Blackmore, station master
There is also a station at Ferry Side four miles distant
Herbert Williams, station master

To Carmarthen, Ann Bunyan, every Saturday

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