[Kelly's Directory, 1906]

The area of the parish and municipal borough is 2,817 acres of land, 27 of inland water, 37 of tidal water and 284 of foreshore; rateable value £8,630; the population in 1901 was 2,285. The population of the ecclesiastical parish in 1901 was 2,561.

Parish Clerk, Ralph Fisher.

Post, M. O. & T. O., S. B. & A. & I. Office, Kidwelly (Sub-Office. Letters should have S.O. Carmarthenshire added) — Mrs. Eliza Thomas, postmist:
Letters arrive from London & all parts, 5.20 a.m., North mail, 9.20 a.m., parcels, 11.20 a.m., London & Bristol 1.35 p.m., Pembroke, Carmarthen &c. 3.20 p.m. & from Cardiff, Swansea & Llanelly, 5 p.m. (also parcels.

Dispatched — Up North mail, 2.40 p.m. & parcels; London & all parts; 7.40, p.m., Carmarthen, Pembroke &c. (night mail down), 9 p.m.
Wall letter Boxes, Water street, cleared at 2 & 7.10 p.m., no Sunday collection; Priory street, cleared at 2.20 & 7.35 p.m., no Sunday collection; Railway station, cleared at 2.10 & 7 p.m.; no Sunday collection; & Llangadog, cleared at 5.55 p.m., Sunday, 9.50 a.m.


Mayor & Ex-Mayor

Mayor, Alderman Henry Edward Smart

Retire November, 1906
John Gwendraeth Anthony, Henry Edward Smart

Retire in November 1909
Daniel Stephens, John Jones

Retire in November, 1906
Benjamin Griffiths, William Wilkins
David Rowlands, William Young

Retire in November, 1907
W. D. James, David. Reynolds
George Jones, Alfred Stephens

Retire in November, 1908
Samuel H. Anthony, David Gower
Samuel Evans, John Rogers
Mayor's Auditor, Alderman John Jones, Kidwelly
.Elective Auditors, William J. Francis & Thomas Jones, Kidwelly
The Corporation meets at the Town Hall on the 1st Tuesday, in the month at 6.30 p.m.

Officers of the Corporation
Town Clerk, D. C. Edwards, solicitor, Llanelly
Treasurer Arthur Evans, Lloyds Bank, Llanelly
Medical Officar of .Health; Thomas Roberts Griffiths L.R.C.P.
Borough Surveyor; John Morgan;.Gwenllian, Kidwelly
Sanitary Inspector; John Davies
Collector of General District Rate John Morgan Gwenllian, Kidwelly

PLACES OF WORSHIP, with times of Services:
St. Mary's Church; Rev. David Daven Jones B.A. vicar;
Rev. Llewellin Davies M.A. curate;
holy communion, 8 a.m. (Eng:), 10 a.m. (Welsh);
services, 11.30 a,m. (Eng.) 5.45 (Welsh) & 7 p.m.(English) daily services

St. Teilo's Church; service at 6 p.m.
Baptist (Welsh), Siloam, Rev. Hugh R. Jones;
10.30 a.m & 6 p.m.; Mon. & Wed. 7 p.m.

Calvinistic Methodist (Welsh); 10.30 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Mon. & Wed. 7 p.m.
Calvinistic Methodist (Welsh), Horeb Gareg, Rev. David Geler Owen;
10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Tues. & Wed. 7 p.m.

Congregational (Welsh), Rev. William Castella Jenkins;
10 a.m. & 6.30 p.m. Mon. 7.30 p.m

Wesleyan (English) (Llanelly & Carmarthen Circuit), Rev. John Crawshaw (supt.);
11 a.m. & 6 p.m. Mon. & Wed. 7 p.m.
Wesleyan (Welsh) Bethesda (Llanelly Circuit), Rev. Thomas Rowlands (supt.);
10 a.m. & 6 p.m. Mon. & Thurs. 7 p.m.

Castle, built in 1859, & since enlarged for 150 boys;
average attendance, 89;
Daniel O. Jones, master

Hillfield, built in I887, for 170 girls & 154 infants;
average attendance, girls, 91; infants, 93;
Miss Margaret, J. Nicholas, mistress; Mrs. Martha B. Williams, infants' mistress

Mountain (mixed), built in 1885, & since enlarged for 190 children;
average attendance, 161;
Thos. Jones, master
The three above-named schools are controlled by the Kidwelly Group of school managers;
D. C. Edwards, solicitor, Town hall, clerk

Pinged hill, built in 1876, for 230 children;
average attendance, 150;
David Thomas, master
This school is controlled by six managers;
Rev. Llewellin Davies M.A. Hillside, Kidwelly, correspondent

Great Western Railway, Kidwelly, Richard Hancock Isaac, station master
Gwendraeth Valleys Mineral Railway, Offices, Kidwelly, Henry Smart, manager

Davies, Rev. Llewellin M.A. (curate), Causeway street
Griffiths, Thomas Roberts, Henblas, Bridge street
Greenwood, Harold, The Priory
Jenkins Rev. William Castella (Welsh Congregational), Pistillgwyn
Jones, Rev. David Daven B.A. (vicar of Kidwelly), Vicarage
Jones, Rev. Hugh R. (Bapt.), Ferry rd.
Lewis, David John, The Grange
Meredith, Daniel, Brynhyfryd
Morgan, Mrs., Croft cot. Mynydd-y-garreg
Owen, Rev. David Geler (Welsh Calvinistic Methodist), Causeway st.
Smart, Henry, Mountain view
Stephens, Alfred, Broom hill
Stephen, Daniel, Lower Arlais
Thomas, Henry, Sea View ho. New st.
Thomas, John, Velindre
Young Alexander, Glanmorfa
Young, William, Glanmorfa

Anthony, Bridgett (Mrs.), farmer, Penlan-Issaf
Anthony, David G. farmer, Gardde
Anthony, Elizabeth (Mrs.), farmer, Mudlescwm
Anthony John, shopkpr. Llangadog
Anthony, John Gwendraeth, grocer & draper, Bridge street
Benyon, David, farmer, Broadford
Benyon, Thomas, farmer, Penybach
Beynon, David, farmer, Penallt
Beynon, William, Penycroes
Bowen, Joshua, White Lion P.H.
Caepontbren Colliery Co. Limited (W. A. Scott sec.)
Chappell, Wm. Phoenix P.H. & grocer,
& agent for W. & A. Gilbey Lim. wine & spirit merchants
Charles, John, boot & shoe dealer, Pinged hill
Davids, Sophia (Mrs.), stationer, 37 Lady street
Davies, Ann (Miss), shopkpr., 27 New st.
Davies, David Samuel, boot & shoe dlr. 31 Lady street
Davies, Elizabeth Ann (Miss), milliner, Abbey street
Davies, Evan V., cattle inspector G. W. railway, Orchard villa, Station road
Davies, Jas. Hy., hairdrssr, Station rd.
Davies, John, Pelican hotel
Davies, John, sanitary insp. 2 Lady st.
Davies, Margaret (Miss), Plough & Harrow P.H., Lady street
Davies, Morris, farmer, Caernewydd
Davies, William Dunn, colliery agent, West End villas
Edwards, Daniel Charles (firm, Rees & Edwards), solicitor & town clerk, Town Hall
Edwards, Eliza (Mrs.), shopkpr. Lady st.
Evans, Caleb, farmer, Penlan-Ucha
Evans, David, boot & shoe dealer, Bridge street
Evans, Evan, carpenter, New street
Evans, Margt. (Mrs.), frmr. Park-y-box
Evans, Mary (Mrs.), grocer, 14 Causeway street
Evans, Thos. shopkeeper, Llangadog
Evans, Thomas, jun., beer-retailer
Gower David, farmer, Arlais
Gower, Thos. Butcher & Boot & Shoe inn
Gower, Thomas, master mariner, Pinged hill
Gower, William, butcher, New street
Gravell, De, farmer, Goitre issa
Gravell, John, Green Alley P.H., Llangadog
Gravell, Phoebe (Mrs.), Lord Nelson P.H.,
Gravelle, John, shopkeeper, Queen shop, nr. Four Roads
Greenwood, Harold solicitor, The Priory
Griffiths & Co. farmers, grocers & ironmongers
Griffiths, Thomas Roberts, surgeon & medical officer of health to the borough
& certifying factory surgeon, Henblas Bridge street
Harries, John, Bell inn, Lady street
Harries, Oakley, farmer, Garreg farm
Harris, Benjamin, farmer, Gardde isa
Howells, Philip, farmer, Tyrallt
Hughes, David, Prince of Wales P.H.
Hughes, Elizh. (Mrs.), drpr., Ferry rd.
Hughes, Elizabeth (Mrs.), grocer, 16 Causeway street
Hughes, Frances (Miss), grocer
Hughes, John, tailor, 20 Causeway st
Hughes, Mary (Miss), confctnr. Lady st.
James, John, saddler, Station road
James, Jn. Chemical Hall P.H., Bridge st.
James, Levi, Corporation Arms P.H.
James, William Davis, com. traveller, Barbican cottage, Castle road
Jenkins, John, grocer, New street
Jenkins, Wm. farmer, Mount Hill
John, Ann (Mrs.), shopkpr., Bridge st.
John, Arthur, boot & shoe maker, Station, road
John, Jane, (Miss) Castle, P.H.
Jones, Geo. & Co., drapers, Bridge st.
Jones, Benjamin, boot & shoe maker, Priory street
Jones, David, Cawdor's Arms, P.H.
Jones, James, billposter, Station road
Jones, John, grocer; Lady street
Jones, Lewis, chemist
Kidwelly Tin Plate Co. Limited (John Thomas, manager)
Kidwelly Library & Institute, (T. A. Morris, hon.sec.), Town hall
Lewis, David John, physician & surgeon, The Grange
Lewis, Mary (Mrs.), shpkpr., 57 Lady st.
Lewis, Samuel, farmer, Rogerlye
Lloyds Bank Lim., (branch office to Llanelly)
(open sat. 11 to 1); draw on Lloyds, Bank Lim. London E.C.
Lloyd, Thomas, New inn, Bridge street
Mansel, David, grocer, Bridge street
Morgan, B. & Sons, builders, Priory st.
Morgan, Hannah (Mrs.), drpr., Lady st.
Morgan, John, draper, 56 Lady street
Morgan, John, farmer, rate collector &_bprough surveyor of roads, Gwenllian
Morgans, Morgan, smith
Morgans, Rd., hair drssr., 40 Lady st.
Morris, David, Grocer, & income tax Col.
Parry, David C. grocer
Phillips, John, butcher, Abbey & Causeway streets
Rees, David, blacksmith
Rees, Margaret (Mrs.) hosiery knitter, Causeway street
Rees, Thomas, farmer, Goitre ucha
Reynolds, Mary (Mrs.), shopkeeper; 21 Lady street
Reynolds, Thomas, draper, Lady street
Richards, William, wheelwright, Mynyddygarreg
Roberts, Tirzah (Mrs.), shopkeeper; 36 Lady street
Rogers, Jn., Fishmngr, 7 Causeway st.
Rowlands, John, boot & shoe maker
Scott, W. A., sec. to the Caepontbren Colliery Co. Limited
Shankland, Mary (Mrs.), stationer
Smart's, H. & H. E., "R. Dinas" Fire Brick Works,
manufacturers of Silica fire bricks & cement.
Stephens & Co. Silica, brick & cement manufacturers, Dinas Silica works
Stephens, David, cycle maker & hair dresser, Causeway street
Stephens, Thos., builder, Old Brick yd.
Thomas, David, farmer, Coleman
Thomas, Edwin, Masons Arms, Water st.
Thomas, Mary, shopkeeper, Bridge street
Wild, J. W. & J., grocers, Pinged hill
Wild, James, Railway house
Wild, Thomas, grocer, 45 Lady street
Wilkins, William, coal mer. Tycoch
Williams, Elizabeth (Miss), Greyhound inn, Lady street
Williams, Henry, Anthony's hotel
Williams, James, farmer, Pendre
Williams, John, Lamb & Flag P.H.
Williams, William, farmer, Coach house
Young, Alex., brick mnfr., Glanmorfa

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