Church Calendar
(some dates)

All Saints Day

1st November

Candlemas, Feast of

2nd February

Catherine, Feast of the Blessed Virgin

25th November


6th January

John the Baptist, Decollation of

29th August

John the Baptist, Nativity of the Blessed

24th June

Martinmas Day

11th November

Mary, Assumption of the Virgin

15th August

Mary, Nativity of the Virgin

8th September

Mary, Purification of Blessed Virgin

2nd February

Mary Magdalen, Vigil of

21st July

Michaelmas Day

29th September

St. Agnes the Virgin, Eve of

21st January

St. Alban, Feast of

22nd June

St. Barnabus, Feast of

11th June

St. Dionysius, Feast of

8th April

St. Edward the King, Feast of

18th March

St. Hilary's Day

14th January

St. James the Apostle, Feast of

25th July

St. Leonard, Feast of

27th November

St. Lucy's Day

13th December

St. Luke, Feast of

18th October

St. Mark the Evangelist, Feast of

25th April

St. Martin, Feast of

11th November

St. Mary, Nativity of

8th September

St. Mary, Purification of

3rd February

St. Mary Magdalen, Feast of

22nd July

St. Nicholas, Feast of

6th December

St. Stephen, Feast of

26th December

St. Thomas the Apostle, Feast of

21st December

St. Thomas the Martyr, Feast of

29th December

Simon & Jude, Feast of the Apostles

28th October

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