families of Kidwelly & district
The following data was compiled by William Jeffrey Mansel from the original Parish Registers held in the County Records Office, Carmarthen and other sources as mentioned.
Before 1752 the New Year began on the 25th March, i.e. dates between the 1st January and the 24th March prior to 1752 should have one year added to the date, e.g. 20/2/1714 would read 20/2/1715
Latin words and abbreviations

Fil = Son or Daughter:  Filius = Son:  Filia = Daughter:
  Nothus = Illegitimate:  Uxor = Wife: Vid = Widow:

Quotations within the Parish Registers of St. Mary's, Kidwelly
1. Inside the cover of the 1626 - 1764 Register is written:
“From Harry Mansell's barn for want of a dish 8 winchesters of barley at 3s-9d = £1-10-0”
2. On the first sheet of the 1626 - 1764 Register is written:
“Francis Mansell created Baronet the 14th of January 1621" (i.e. 1622)
3. Beneath the burial record of Johannes filius Johannis Mansell 27/11/1703 is in Latin written:
“Ano die inter horas secundum et undeirmam A: M: nas nulla non pars Australis Anglia et Walliia tempestatern sensit et dictu et cogitatu Horrenda qualem in futurum Avertal Deus”
4. Also in the Registers the following are recorded as being Church Wardens during the years shown:
1700 - 1713 Rawleigh Mansel
1725 Capt. Edward Mansel
1729 Charles Mansell
1730 John Mansell
1739 Walter Mansel
1761 Walter Mansel
1775 Henry Mansel
1802 William Mansel
Quotations within the Parish Register of St. Ishmael's, Carms.
1. Upon the 26th & 27th of this month of November 1703 there happened a most horrible and dreadful storms of wind which destroyed a great many ships of war and many other ships belonging to this Kingdom. Many houses and buildings have been thrown down and great numbers of timber and other trees have been torn up by the roots that the like hath not been seen or felt in the memory of any person living. From the like dreadful calamity the Lord keep his ...?... for Jesus Christ's sake.
2. 30th Day of September 1610 Baronet Mansell .............illegible ............

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