The Names of those that are to pay Chief Rent yearly for Copy Hold lands within the Parish of St. Issmaells in the said Commot of Kidwellie being charged to
5-13s-0d and found by the Jury as followeth
Richard Earl of Carbery for one copy late in the hands of David William Richard & J..... Richard
The said Earl for one copy late in the hands of William Richard & Evan William Richard
The said Earl for one copy late in the hands of John William Richard and David ..... Richard
Ieavan William Richard and his mother for one copy
Moris William Richard for one copy
Griffith William John for one copy
Moris Richard for two copies
Owen Harry for two copies
6s .. 1d
William Thomas Evan for two copies
6s .. 5d
William Perot and Thomas Perot for one copy
Moris Griffith Juredan for one copy
John Jurdan for one copy
William David in the right of his wife for one copy
Richard Bonell for seven copies
18s ..0d
John Griffith in the right of his wife and Nicholas Perot for two copies
8s.. 1d
Walter Jenkin for one copy
16s .. 0d
Jane Bonell for two copies
8s .. 1d
Elinor David widow for one copy
5s .. 0d
Moris Robert for three copies
3s .. 6d
William David Griffith and Richard William in the right of their wives for one copy
3s .. 0d
Jenkin Walter for five copies and a half
5s .. 3d
Walter Jenkin and Jenkin Walter for one copy
Richard Earl of Carbery
16s .. 0d

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