Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum. Vol. IV., pp. 64, 65. Num. I.

To all Sons of holy mother, the church, who see or hear these present letters: David, by Divine permission Bishop of St. Davids, and the Chapter of the same place, greeting. Know ye that we have inspected, and diligently examined divers muniments and writings, and also confirmations touching the Abbey of Shyreburne, and the priory of Cadwelle, not cancelled, not abolished, not in any part thereof corrupted, from word to word, in form following:

In the name of the Lord, Amen., in the one thousand three hundred and first year of the same on the fifteenth day of the month of October in the fifteenth indiction, in the eighth year of the Pontificate of the Most Holy Father and Lord, the Lord Boniface, by Divine Providence, Pope, in presence of my notary within written, and of the witnesses underwritten for this specially called the religious man Sir Geoffrey de Coker, Prior of Cadweli, in the diocese of St. Davids, in the Church of St. Paul, London, put in, in writing, and read a certain gift and grant made by the lord Roger, by the grace of God at one time Bishop of Salisbury, to the Church of the Blessed Mary of Shereburne, and to Turstan, Prior of the said church, and to his successors regularly succeeding him, according to the form and tenor contained in the text of the foundation of the Church of the Blessed Mary of Shyreburn, of which gift such is the tenor.


(c1106 – 1114)

In the name of the Holy and undivided Trinity: I, Roger, by the grace of God, Bishop of Salisbury, for the health and safety of my lord Henry the King, and Matilda the Queen, and of their sons, with their consent, and for the health of my soul, and of my parents, and of my ancestors, Do give to the Holy Church of Shyrborn, and to Turstan the Prior (sic) and to his successors regularly succeeding him, One Carucate of land at Cadweli, as I have surveyed the same, that is to say: from the new ditch of the new mill by the stream which thither flows down in winter as far as the house formerly of Balba, and thence to the stream, running by the middle grove as far as the road, and from the road, as the said stream runs in to the sea. And the whole hill, which is called Mount Solomon as far as the open sea on the other side, as a certain pool stretches as far as the aforesaid road: Paid and quit, and free from impediment of servants, and secular exaction, and service, and all tithes, in oats, in calves, in pigs, in lambs, in cheese, and in fish, and in pannage of swine. And, I grant that they may have their own swine quit from pannage, and wood in my forest, and have pasture of their animals with my demesnes, many clerks and laymen seeing and hearing, whose names here are underwritten: Ralph, the chaplain Roger, the sub-deacon Humphrey, the bishop’s brother; Osmund, the steward (dapifer). Aylric de Halver, Richard Latimer, Hyldebrand, Cornaldus, the butler, William de Lund, Roger de Reigni, Richard Foliot, Robert the old steward, and Robert his son, William the Constable, William Esturmyt, Ralph son of Warin, Robert de Sagio, Robert de Meyer, and Walter his brother; Picot, Geoffrey Rufus, Robert Niger, Philip de Beaufo, Osmund son of Everard, Roger Foliot, Henry son of Walter de Poterna, Alberic de Felgeriis, Edmund who then kept the Castle of Cadweli, Alwyn, the priest of the town.

This gift was made on the 14th kalends of August in the house of the Castle of Kadweli by the witness of these, and of many others whose names I know not.

After the third day, the lord Roger, the Bishop, with the license and consent of Wilfrid Bishop of St. Davids, dedicated the cemetery in the said place, and in the same dedication by the authority and consent of the said bishop, all the burgesses, both French, English, and Flemings, gave their tithes of Penbray and of Pennalth by the witness of all those [persons] above mentioned.

These were put in, and read on the day and at the place above said; there being present Thomas de Beverlace, Walter de Chigam, clerks; Richard Dunaing, and John Welewe, specially called and questioned as to this matter, and being witnesses.

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