Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum. Vol. IV.,p. 65. Num. II.


To Bernard, by the grace of God, Bishop of St. Davids, and to all sons of holy church, Richard son of William, Greeting. Know ye all that I, for the good of my soul and [the souls] of my ancestors and successors, and for the love of Henry my son, monk of the Church of Schyrborn have given and granted to the aforesaid Church of Schyrborn, the abbot and convent of the same place, in alms, my churches which are in your diocese. To wit, the Church of Saint Ismael at Pennalt, and the Church of All Saints in the territory of Cadweli, and the Church of Saint Elthute at Penbray with the chapels, lands, tithes, and all their adjuncts to possess by perpetual right, and lest (which God forbid) I or any of my heirs should claim any right or lordship except advowson in these churches or their appurtenances, and to the end that our beloved brethren of the aforesaid church of Scherborn may freely and quietly for ever possess them, we confirm this our gift by the attestation of our charter and by the affixing of our seal.


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