Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum. Vol. IV., p. 65. Num. III.



To David, by the grace of God, Bishop of St. Davids, as lord and spiritual father and to all the pastors of holy church. Maurice de Londres his obedient in all places, greeting and exhibition of sincere affection. Be it known to you and all worshippers of God that I have given and granted to God and Saint Mary of Kedweli and to the monks of Schyrborne twelves acres around the Church of St. Cadoc which adjoin the land of the aforesaid church of St. Mary. Moreover this gift is made for the health of my soul, and of all my ancestors, William de Londres my son hearing and granting and giving with me. These being witnesses, Owan, the knight, and Elias and Robert de Pennard and Walter de Reigni, and Paen and William de Manner, and Nicholas de Almaro. Runciaus and Osmund rectors and Geoffrey Long and Randulph the clerk and many others. May your sublimity flourish with you.


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