Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum. Vol. IV., p. 66. Num. V.


In the name of God, Amen. Before you Master John Carmarthen, licentiate in laws and Commissary of the most reverend in Christ, the father and lord John by the grace of God Bishop of St. Davids in this behalf specially deputed, brother Robert Fyfhyde of the order of St. Benedict, Prior of the Priory of Kedwelly, in the diocese of St. Davids, both say and in law declare against Sir John Sandon calling himself chaplain and pretended procurator of the dean and chapter of the new College of Leicester, in the diocese of Lincoln, and also against Thomas Jenkyn, Philip Davy and John David, laymen of the aforesaid diocese of St. Davids, and against whomsoever suing for them in lawful judgment, that whereas he, the aforesaid brother Robert the Prior, his precedors and predecessors were in possession, or as if of right of receiving, two parts of all the tithes peacefully, quietly, for a time and for times to which the memory of man is not to the contrary, as well real as personal whatsoever arising, and chiefly of milk, wool, and of lambs, in respect of a certain small piece of land commonly called Coldicot, and within the bounds and limits of the parish church of the Blessed Mary of Kedwelly manifestly situated, of which church, the aforenamed Prior, his precedors and predecessors, is and were Rector or Rectors. Nevertheless, the aforesaid Sir John Sandon, Thomas, Philip and John have spoiled or caused to be despoiled, the aforesaid brother Robert the prior aforesaid of ten lambs (price 3s 4d ) five pounds weight of wool (price 15s) and three stone of cheese (price 3s), and held such spoil ratified and likewise accepted by name of their deed to the great peril of their souls, and to the no small prejudice and damage of the aforesaid brother Robert, Prior of the Priory beforesaid and of his Priory. Wherefore the said Prior prays that the things to be proved in that behalf being proved in his own name and of his priory or of his church beforenamed, the same Sir John Sandon, Thomas ap Jankyn, Philip Davy and John Davy be by you the Lord Judge aforesaid sententially and definitely condemned in ten lambs (price 3s 4d) five pounds weight of wool (price 15s) and three stone of cheese (price 3s), if they exist, otherwise in twenty four shillings of good and usual money, and also in the damages and costs and interest, and to be restored to the said prior and his church really with effect the aforesaid two parts of all the tithes, and to be reduced and reinstated to their former state, and perpetual silence to be imposed on the beforesaid Sir John, Thomas, Philip, and John and the same to be compelled to desist from molestation pertubation, and disquieting, and further to be done and established what justice shall require always saving the benefit of the law in all things.

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