Dugdale’s Monasticon Anglicanum. Vol. IV., p. 66. Num. VI.


Richard, by divine permission bishop of St. Davids, to our beloved in Christ Sir John Griffith perpetual Vicar of Kydwelly, and Robert Fraunce a layman of the said parish, grace and blessing. Whereas we elsewhere lawfully proceeding, have been led to sequestrate all and singular the fruits, tithes, oblations, profits, and emoluments whatsoever to the parish church of the Blessed Mary the Virgin of Kydwelly, and to the priory of the same town belonging, or in whatsoever manner appertaining, as well because the said priory is much bound in debt, as also because the aforesaid church is suffering from great and manifest decay, as by the tenor of these presents we do sequestrate, justice demanding and advising the same, therefore to publish such our sequestration in the parish church aforesaid, and also in other neighbouring parish churches during the solemnities of masses and other divine celebrations whilst the greater number of the people congregate therein, and also to demand, levy, collect, and receive all and singular the aforesaid fruits, tithes, oblations, revenues and emoluments whatsoever, and the same levied, collected, and received to distribute and expend in the reparation of the house of the priory and chancel of the church of the Blessed Mary the Virgin before written, until they shall be, and may be sufficiently repaired to you in whose fidelity and circumspection and industry very greatly in the Lord we have confidence, we do commit to you by these presents our functions and full power in the Lord, and do appoint you such our sequestrator and depute as our keepers. So that you be careful to shew a full faithful and entire account to us, and to our officers of all and singular, the emoluments received by you. In witness whereof the seal is appended to these presents, which at present we use for causes, to endure only during our good pleasure. Dated 20th day of the month of April in the year of our Lord one thousand five hundred and twenty four, and in the first year of our consecration.

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