Reference Draft Lease 6/46.

[This lease is preserved in the Public Record Office, and is that under which the property which once belonged to the Chantry of St. Nicholas at Kidwelly was disposed of at its dissolution.]
(12th March 1550)

This Indenture made between the most excellent prince and lord, the lord Edward the Sixth by the grace of God of England France and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and on earth of the English and Irish church supreme head, of the one part, and John Goodale of the other part. Witnesseth that the aforesaid lord the King by the advice and assent of his Council of his Duchy of Lancaster has granted delivered and to farm let to the aforesaid John all that the late Chantry of St. Nicholas in Kydwelly in the county of Carmarthen now dissolved, and all the lands tenements and hereditaments to the said late Chantry belonging or appertaining and hereafter recited, that is to say: One tenement and 4˝ acres of arable hand and 1˝ acre of meadow in Pengwern lately demised to Thomas John Vghne. And also 1 park containing 5 acres in Melyonfelde lately demised to Robert John ap Holl. And 9 acres of arable land in Basslake now or lately in the tenure or occupation of John Gower. And also 1 tenement in Westhill and 3 acres of arable hand now or lately in the tenure or occupation of John Gruffyth. And 1 burgage and 1 tenement and 1 acre of land near Saynt Sondaye’s Well now or lately in the tenure or occupation of John Perotte. And also 2 acres of arable land lying near Cadocke’s Mill in the tenure of John Rowe. And 3 acres of arable land lately demised to Nicholas Fraunce. And also 10 acres of arable land in Bronnehill in the tenure of Maurice Dyer. And 1˝ acre of land lying in Almanne Redinge in the tenure of William John Richarde. And also 3 acres of land called Ringes landes in the tenure of William Robert. And 1 close containing 5 acres lying in Stockewill lately demised to Thomas Johnes. And also 1˝ acre of land lying in Hustede in the tenure of Gruffin John Dd. Thomas. And 2 acres of arable land there in the tenure of Maurice Perott. And also 1˝ acre of arable land lying near Somer Wey in the tenure of Robert Jhones. And 1 messuage in Kydwellye in the tenure of Nicholas Robert. And also another messuage there in the tenure of John Walter. And 1˝ acre of arable land lying in Westhill in the tenure of Thomas Hallesburne. And also 1 parcel of land in ArIes in the tenure of Jeyn Dd. ap Dd. And also 3 parcels of land called Ridgies-in-le-Shill in the tenure of Dd. Thomas. Which same Chantry lands, tenements, hereditaments, and other the premises to the said Chantry belonging were lately given and granted to the said lord the King and his heirs by authority of a certain Act, of Chantries to fall into the hand of the said lord the King, lately enacted and provided. To have and to hold the Chantries aforesaid and other all and singular the premises above expressed and specified with the appurtenances to the aforesaid John Goodale and his assigns from the Feast of Easter last past before the date of these presents until the end of a term of twenty one years thence next following and fully to be completed. Rendering therefor yearly to the aforesaid lord the King and his heirs Forty five Shillings of lawful money of England in form following: —







s   d


Thomas John Vghne

6 acres

6   0


Robert John ap Holl

5 acres

5   0


John Gower

9 acres

3   2


John Gruffyth

3 acres

6   4

Saynt Sondayes

Jeyne Perotte

1 acre

2   0

Cadocke’s Mill

John Rowe

2 acres

2   0

Arable land

Nicholas Fraunce

3 acres

2   4


Maurice Dyer

10 acres

3   4

Almanne Redinge

William John Richard

1˝ acres

1   0

Ringes landes

William Robert

3 acres

3   4


Thomas Jhones

5 acres

5   0


Gruffin Jhon Dd. Thomas

1˝ acres

1   0

Arable land

Maurice Perott

2 acres


Somer Wey

Robert Jhones

1   0


Nicholas Robert

John Walter


1   2



Thomas Hallesburne



Jeyne Dd. ap Dd.

1 parcel


Ridgies-in- le-Shill

David Thomas

3 parcels



45  0

Given at Westminster, on the 12th day of March 3 Edward VI.
Examined by the Court.
Examined by George Haydon.

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